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Wireless remotes

WIreless remote triggers and remote preview screens for firing your Canon EOS camera from a distance.
£ 64.99
Available in 7 days
Captur remoteThe Hahnel Captur modular remote system is designed to build as your photography grows. Building from the base unit ‚Captur ‚ you can then extend your photographic repertoire with add-on components.
£ 39.99
In stock
Captur Module TimerAdd timer functionality to your Captur system with the Captur Module Timer. Ideal for time lapse, long exposures and more.
£ 109.99
Available in 7 days
Captur Module ProTake you photography to new heights and give yourself advanced controls over your environment with the Captur Module Pro. Four built-in sensors for light, sound, laser and infrared, plus timer functionality.
£ 39.99
Available in 7 days
Bluetooth Remote controller BR-E1A simple, reliable wireless remote controller for firing your EOS camera, which deploys the near-range benefits of Bluetooth up to 5 metres away. Compatible with EOS 77D, 800D 200D and 6D Mark II cameras.
£ 129.99
Available in 5 days
TriggerScout PIR kitSome subjects simply move too fast to be captured successfully even with standard infrared beam-breaking triggers. The TriggerScout overcomes this by letting your subject’s heat signature trigger your camera via a passive infrared sensor.
£ 249.99
In stock
CamRanger PT Hub and MP360 panner kitExtend the capabilities of your CamRanger with the PT Hub and motorised panner head kit. Control the movement of the panner and your EOS camera from within the CamRanger app through 360 degrees and via pan and tilt motions.

£ 89.99
(-22.22%) £ 69.99
In stock
Additional receiver for Hahnel Inspire This additonal receiver allows you to switch between EOS cameras and review using the LiveView on the Inspire LCD.
£ 45.95
(-10.01%) £ 41.35
In stock
Hama wireless remote base unitHama's comprehensive DCC remote system is compatible across a wide range of digital and film cameras. Rather than needing to invest in two remotes, all you do is buy one remote and two cables. You'll need to choose the correct cable separately if you are starting your system with this remote.
£ 16.99
In stock
Canon remote controller RC-6Fire your EOS camera from up to five metres away with this infrared remote controller from Canon (requires line of sight to front of camera). Compatible EOS cameras have the infrared receiver built-in as standard.
£ 269.99
Out of stock
Available in 7 days
CamRangerCamRanger provides sophisticated and creative wireless control of your Canon EOS camera via a free dedicated app on your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or Android device, Mac or PC.