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Westcott Basics 2-in-1 reflector

Westcott Basics 2-in-1 reflector

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Voted best in test in a recent magazine review, these compact 2-in-1 reflectors will reflect light or fill shadows to enhance your EOS shots.

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  1. Whether you're looking to reflect light indoors onto your subject or want to fill shadows, then these small highly portable round reflectors are a must. Recently voted best in test in Digital Camera magazine, they represent excellent value for money and perform extremely well. Their compact size 50cm (20 inches) which fold down to around a third means that they'll take up very little space in your kit bag.

    Available in a range of combinations to suit your lighting needs. The white sides of the 2-in-1 reflectors keeps the reflected light neutral and colours consistent.

    Sunlight/white 2-in-1 sunlight panel adds a natural, slightly warm colour to your subject.

    Silver/white 2-in-1 useful when you need to add a spark to your scene. The silver reflector adds cool tones and specular highlights.

    Gold/white 2-in-1 warm naturally pale skin and fill in unwanted shadows.

    Black negative fill ideal for macro work to add shadows or block ambient light.

    Diffuser soften and diffuse harsh light sources to improve the light on your subject.
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