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Tripod Sleeves

Tripod Sleeves

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Save your tripod legs from dirt and corrosion with this simple solution from OpTech – a set of three see-through plastic Tripod Sleeves.

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  1. Sometimes getting that shot means exposing yourself and your equipment to the elements more than is recommended. This is especially true if you’re capturing water effects – one of the EOS team has been known to wade up to her thighs to get the shot she wanted of a waterfall!

    And while you might have the right protection for your own legs, what about your tripod?

    Water, grit and sand can affect the delicate mechanisms of your tripod, making it difficult to adjust the legs and height of your tripod. To overcome this, OpTech has a simple solution – a trio of narrow plastic sleeves for your tripod legs.

    The OpTech Tripod Sleeves have a reinforced bottom panel, to withstand even the harshest of surfaces, and are 116.8cm (46”) in length, so will go as deep as you can! There’s a drawstring closure at the top for a snug and secure fit. The sleeves are 7cm (2 3/4”) in diameter, so will fit most tripods. And because the sleeves are clear, you can still see to adjust the legs.

    In between location set-ups, the Tripod Sleeves can remain on the legs as the tripod's mechanisms remain visible and operable through the plastic. The sleeves will collapse along with the tripod leg. They're also great for monopods! When shooting in high-humidity conditions where condensation could possibly enter the sleeves, it’s good to remove them to dry them out once you are done with your shoot so they are ready to go for the next outing.

    Why risk losing a great shot because you don’t want to get your tripod in the middle of the action? Tripod Sleeves are compact and easy to store in a pocket or camera bag so there’s no reason to leave them behind.
  2. #SPECIFICATION# – Reinforced bottom panel for added durability
    – Drawstring closure for a snug fit
    – Fits tripod legs up to 7cm (2.75") diameter and covers up to 116cm (46") of length
    – Pack includes 3 sleeves
Customer reviews
Shopping Satisfaction
Seem robust, not used in the wet yet. A little unwieldy when tripod is closed, so I will probably only add them when extended/needed.
David A.
Shopping Satisfaction
I can't comment on their use as I bought them ready for use in a few months. I had searched for these items many times but failed to find a supplier and was delighted when they appeared in the latest catalogue.
Alan E.
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