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Traveller 117 Ball Tripod

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Travelling with a tripod is less tiresome with this compact, lightweight travel tripod from Hama. It folds down to a tiny 35cm (14 inches) and will take camera kit up to 4kg in weight.
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  1. You know that you really ought to carry a tripod with your EOS – it helps you to steady the camera and produce sharper images, especially with slower shutter speeds. But tripods are big, heavy and cumbersome to carry. Well, not this one.

    Designed for the travelling photographer, it packs down to a minimum height of only 35cm (under 14 inches). Made from lightweight aluminium it weighs a mere 820g, yet can take a maximum load of 4kg. The four-section tripod legs extend the height of the tripod to a maximum of 117cm (nearly 4 feet).  The upper legs have a foam cover to give a warm, non-slip grip, so even in the cold you’ll be able to handle the tripod securely.

    The feet are non-slip rubber and the legs can be adjusted individually via quick-action locks, making it usable even for uneven or sloping ground. There’s a small built-in spirit level too so you can check that your tripod is straight. On the underside of the centre column you’ll find a hook, useful if you need to keep your camera bag off the floor or want to give the tripod a little extra stability in windy conditions.

    Included is a 3D ball head with thread for direct connection to your EOS camera or lens tripod mount. The head is interchangeable if you have a preferred head or need better stability for longer zoom lenses.

    The centre column is manually adjustable and is also reversible, meaning you can mount your camera on the underside of the tripod for either close-up shots or to alter your perspective with low-angle shots.

    It comes complete with a black carry bag with adjustable shoulder strap and because of its overall low profile will easily attach to most backpacks which feature appropriate fixing straps.

    At EOS mag we think this is ideal as either a starter tripod or to keep in your car boot. As a travel tripod it lives up to its name, thanks to its lightweight construction and very compact size.

    Comes with two year manufacturer warranty for added peace-of-mind.

    If your normal travel outfit is an EOS 5D Mark IV with EF 100-400mm lens, this might not be the tripod you need, but for non-pro EOS cameras and wide-angle zoom lenses the Hama Traveller 117 Ball tripod will ease your journey and help you to come home with sharper images.
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