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The Art of Light training DVD

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The Art of Light training DVDThis comprehensive chapter-based DVD looks at what light is all about, why understanding it is so important and how to make it work to your advantage. This will also help you utilise many of the camera features as it teaches how to understand and apply techniques such as partial metering and correct use of features like AE lock.

What you will learn with this DVD:

. White light effects within the images that we take
. Understanding the component parts of light
. Understanding the thought process for light
. The realities of what we see versus what we can capture
. Lighting directions and how they affect your images
. How the time of day affects your images
. The effect that location has on the lighting you shoot with
. Light, white balance and kelvins and how to control it
. Weather and its effect on the images that you shoot
. Understanding how to minimise the issues with problem lighting
. How seasons affect the lighting we shoot in
. What is exposure and how we can use it to get the light that we want
. Using the camera's metering to control the effect that you want
. Using filters to control lighting within the images we take
. Framing for the light that we are seeing
. Lenses and the effect they have on lighting
. How to effectively handle contrast in images
. Learning to visualise images
. Planning for the best lighting and research options
. Logistics of getting the best results
. Post production and the part it plays within modern imaging

Approx. running time: 2 hours 20 minutes
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