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ioShutter Release Cable with E3 connectionThe ioShutter Release Cable allows you to control your Canon DSLR camera that utilises the E3 plug in remote option from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch
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Camo Tripod BagIf you've invested in an expensive tripod for your EOS photography, make sure it's suitably protected from bumps and scrapes with these sturdy, padded tripod bags, available in three sizes.
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Lenses for Digital SLRs by Ross HoddinottUnderstanding a lens' characteristics is crucial to obtaining successful photographs, yet many people still spend far longer deliberating over their choice of camera body than they do over the lenses that will fit onto it. This book will be your guide to finding the right lens type for your photography.
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BlackRapid Kick Strap Specially designed for women, this BlackRapid Kick strap is so named because it 'kicks' the webbing of the strap to the centre of your chest for a perfect diagonal fit across the body.
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Compact Power Adapter CA-DC20ECanon IXUS i zoom and IXUS i7 zoom Compact Power Adaptor
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Canon Battery Magazine BM-1The Canon battery magazine BM1 holds four AA batteries for BP-E1 Grip. Suitable for use with the Canon EOS-1V, EOS-1N, EOS-1NRS, EOS-1 and E0S-3 cameras.  
(-59.96%)  9.99
Canon cable release adaptor T3
This is an Original Canon Cable Release Adapter T3 for screw in cable releases and accessories. Compatible with Canon T50, T70, T90 and T90 manual focus and some early EOS AF 35mm SLR cameras.
(-75.82%)  14.99
Canon Grip Extension GR-100TP
The Canon GR-100TP is a grip for the EOS 300 ensures secure holding of camera and Incorporates a minitripod which can be Inclined up, down, right, and left.The Tripod integrates with camera body when not in use.
(-51.83%)  19.99
Canon Grip Extension GR-80TP Canon Camera grip GR-80TP (grip extension 80, with built-in tripod for EOS 500, 500N, 3000, 5000 only) ensures secure holding of camera and Incorporates a minitripod which can be Inclined up, down, right, and left.
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Canon Battery Grip BG-E3The Canon BG-E3 battery grip holds two NB-2LH batteries, which will greatly extend the battery life of your Canon EOS 350D/400D camera (to up to 400 images). The BG-E3 features include a Vertical Shutter Release and a Mode Wheel which makes the camera much easier to use for portrait shots.
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Canon Semi Hard Case EH1-LCanon semi hard case EH1-L fits EOS 650 / 630 / 600 / 620
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Canon Vertical Grip VG10Canon VG10 Vertical Grip for EOS A2e & A2 SLR Cameras
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ExpoDiscThe ExpoDisc Professional Digital White Balance Filter is a custom white balance filter that allows digital photographers to quickly and easily set an accurate custom white balance. Consistently producing excellent results in natural, artificial, and studio lighting, the versatile ExpoDisc even excels in difficult mixed lighting environments.
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EzyBox Hotshoe 38x38cm

The Lastolite EzyBox Hotshoe converts your battery operated flash gun from a harsh directional light into a much softer diffused light. It folds flat for easy storage and can be assembled in a matter of minutes.

(-46.67%)  79.99
RingFlash to fit 580EXII The Ray Flash is a unique adapter for your hot-shoe flash unit designed to replicate the lighting effect produced by traditional, expensive, and heavy powered studio ring light units.

The Ray Flash is specifically designed for the Canon 580EX II
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Giottos Air-cushioned LightstandThis Giottos Lightstand features removable and reversible mounting studs and air dampened columns to ensure that delicate lighting equipment can be safely and accurately positioned.
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Canon Extension Cord 1000T3Extends range of RS-60T3 up to 10 metres.
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BlackRapid LockstarLockstar is a cover plate and lock for the BlackRapid ConnectR. It fits over the carabiner and prevents the metal from touching your EOS camera.
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Pop on flash diffuserThis pop-on diffuser will soften harsh shadows which appear behind subjects and will help eliminate red-eye.
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Stick-It diskA pair of specially made sticky discs suitably sized to work with your Fat Gecko camera mount and which will stick to concrete, paint, plastic, metal, glass and more. Will hold up to 5lb (2.3kg).