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ProCube2 Dual Battery Charger

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A powerful dual charger for selected Canon Li-Ion batteries, allowing you to charge two camera batteries simultaneously. Also accepts AA rechargeable batteries and supplied with worldwide plugs.
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  1. If you regularly use two or more batteries, plus AAs for your flashgun, and your smartphone seems to be forever running out of charge, this is the all-in-one charging solution for you.

    The ProCube 2 can charge two camera batteries of the same type (LP-E6, LP-E6N, LP-E8 andLP-E17) simultaneously. Thereís also an interchangeable plate for charging four AA batteries, and a USB port for charging nearly all USB devices, such as your smartphone or tablet.

    An LCD display shows you the battery charge status Ė indicating how much charge has been added Ė as well as a battery health check. Full charge from empty is around 100 minutes.

    Itís supplied with universal worldwide plugs, plus a 12V car lead, so really can go anywhere with you. And, with a 15-minute top-up charge available generating 300mAh of power, itís indispensible when your battery needs a quick boost.

    Weighs 600g with all battery plates and cables.

  2. Compatible with LP-E6 / LP-E6N, LP-E8, LP-E17 batteries
Customer reviews
Shopping Satisfaction
Very quick charge of camera batteries to 100%. There was no mention of the unit switching itself off to prevent overcharging etc. so I removed them and put them in the camera. On checking the camera menu's to see what the camera would show re the batteries charge, I found one battery charged to 80%, the other only to 70%. A disappointing verdict. Still I've only used it once yet, and perhaps I took them off too soon on seeing the 100% charge indication? AA charging was very slow by comparisson.
Jerome H.
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