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Photographer's Grey Card mk II

Photographer's Grey Card mk II

Douglas Photographic
(Code: K147)
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Achieve accurate exposure and colour balance under any lighting with this durable plastic grey card.

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  1. Sort out any exposure or contrast measurement issues and ensure your photos' colours and white balance are correct with this double-sided (white on the inner side) Photographer's Grey Card. Made from cleanable, water-resistant matte plastic, it folds to a handy A5 size, fitting snugly into your kit bag. Unfolded, it is large enough to fill a 35mm camera viewfinder at 40cm with a 50mm lens. Simply take a picture of the card in front of your scene or subject and then set the camera to the same exposure. The card reflects the same proportions of all colours of light falling and works across a wide range of illumination, making it just as useful indoors as outdoors, under fluorescent lighting as under street lighting. An easy-to-follow handbook is included to walk you through how to get the best use out of your grey card.
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