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Other supports & tripod accessories

Other camera supports, plus accessories and bags for your tripod
£ 23.50
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Cullmann 3050 Tripod Grip/StrapTwo convenient ways in one to carry your tripod with this neat grip and strap combo from Cullmann.
£ 29.99
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Camo Tripod BagIf you've invested in an expensive tripod for your EOS photography, make sure it's suitably protected from bumps and scrapes with these sturdy, padded tripod bags, available in three sizes.
£ 17.95
In stock
Neoprene Tripod StrapDistribute the weight of your tripod across your shoulder and keep your hands free with this ultra-comfortable neoprene strap.
£ 29.95
In stock
Water Weight Sandbags just got reinvented! Weigh down your tripod with this super-versatile fillable doughnut-shaped pouch from Inspired Photo Gear.
£ 49.99
(-48.01%) £ 25.99
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Fat Gecko Strap MountWhen you need a sturdy support for your camera, but havenít got a tripod or monopod available, you can instead use this strap solution from Fat Gecko. You can mount the strap to any object with a circumference between 8.5 inches (21.5cm) and 54 inches (136.8cm) and be sure of a secure and sturdy support for your camera.
£ 34.99
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UltraClamp 360For easy, 360 degree panning, attach your camera to a car window, tree branch, picnic table or other surface at any angle with the UltraClamp 360.
£ 45.95
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B-Grip Evo camera belt clipCarry your EOS camera on your hips with this secure belt attachment system.
£ 12.95
In stock
B-Grip travel kitThe B-Grip travel kit includes a universal adaptor which allows you to attach your EOS camera directly onto the strap of your backpack and a waterproof cover.
£ 12.95
In stock
B-Grip tripod adaptorThis useful accessory allows you to quickly transfer your EOS camera from B-Grip camera belt clip to tripod and back again, without changing any fittings or making any adjustments.
£ 11.99
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Spirit LevelSlips into the camera accessory shoe and lets you align the camera horizontally and vertically. It is invaluable for all landscape and architectural photography. Made by Hama.
£ 15.95
In stock
UltrapodSmall enough to slip into your pocket, but sturdy enough to do the job, these small tripods can be used for standing support on a table top or attached to a pole or branch with the attached Velcro strap.
£ 27.95
In stock
UltraClamp This pocket-size clamp will attach your camera securely to car windows, tables, fences, tree branches, etc.
£ 46.25
(-50.29%) £ 22.99
In stock
Fat Gecko Bike MountThis clever camera mount makes it possible to attach your EOS camera securely to the centre handlebars of a bicycle, allowing you to capture front-seat action.