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Other flash accessories

A variety of other flash accessories, including colour gels and grids to change the light from your Speedlite
£ 17.95
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Neoprene Flash Case (large)Ideal for storing your Canon Speedlite or keeping a second flashgun safe in your camera bag, these thick but lightweight pouches are an essential addition to your flash kit.
£ 4.95
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Microfibre Cleaning ClothA large microfibre cloth designed to clean all parts of your camera without scratching.

£ 14.95
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Colour filter kit 20This colour filter kit, exclusive to EOS magazine, contains a selection of twenty Rosco colour filters and a gel clip for attaching them to your Canon Speedlite. Strong and pastel colours are included to cater for different moods, atmospheres and subjects.
£ 3.99
In stock
Hotshoe ProtectorThis simple accessory slips into the hot-shoe of your camera to keep the contacts clean. It has been designed especially for EOS cameras
£ 12.50
In stock
Strobe Gel WalletIf you enjoy using gels with your Speedlite (or other flash gun) the Strobe Gel Wallet could be just what you’ve been looking for. The Strobe Gel Wallet stores Rosco Strobist™ filters in a neat and organized manner, keeping them protected.
£ 5.45
In stock
Multi-mount Flash standMoving the flash away from the camera will give dramatic improvement to flash images in most circumstances.
£ 30.99
In stock
Dome-Studio TentGet your product shots looking sharp and professional with this pop-up studio light tent. Comes with reversible background and carrying case.