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Optech Pro loop strap RED

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For heavy EOS camera and lens combos this Pro Strap from OpTech is the ideal choice. Its weight reduction and shock-absorbing features mean that this strap is rapidly becoming the choice of professional and enthusiast photographers using larger EOS cameras with longer lenses.
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  1. Take the strain off your neck and back with this Pro Strap from OpTech. Designed specifically for photographers using larger cameras like the EOS 5D-series and 1D-series, particularly when combined with the heavier telephoto lenses, its patented weight reduction system makes your camera gear feel 50% lighter and 100% more comfortable.

    The weight is evenly dispersed with the Pro Loop Strap and, being made from stretchy neoprene, the strap functions as a shock absorber to eliminate neck and shoulder fatigue. The non-slip grip under the large curved neoprene shoulder pad means that your camera gear can be safely carried on the shoulder as well as round your neck.
    The Pro Loop Strap also has a unique loop connection system for especially tight connection points. The 6mm tubular webbing straps loop through the connection area on your camera to form a secure slip knot. A simple and extremely secure system you can trust!

    All in all, this strap is easy-to-attach to your camera and fully adjustable. Plus it comes in our favourite colour – Canon red!

    Strap length: 94cm–109.2cm (37-43 inches)

    Pad dimensions: 6.3 x 38.1cm (2.5 x 15 inches)

    Max load: 7kg (15lbs)

    Learn more about the Pro Loop connection system with this video from OpTech:

Customer reviews
Shopping Satisfaction
I've only used the strap for a couple of outings but it works well, the only thing I did notice was that when used in windy conditions, the wide neck / shoulder strap does act a b it like a sail if the strap is slack - i.e. when taking a photo. On two occasions while taking a photo, the wind actually caught the wide part of the strap and blew it over my head and on to the camera. That said it does seem to spread the load very well indeed (Canon 7D2 + 100-400 L lens = 2.6kg).
Ronald B.
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