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Improve the quality of the sound on your videos with a hotshoe-mounted microphone
£ 148.99
In stock
SmartMykHigh quality video shot with the EOS system needs high quality audio to match. The SmartMyk ìs a dual mono directional microphone‚ is the perfect solution.
£ 58.99
In stock
SmartMyk WindshieldA slip-on fur-covered acoustic foam sleeve which reduces wind noise by up to 20 dB without adverse effect on the noise quality of the rest of the recording. Fits SmartMyk.
£ 119.99
In stock
Hahnel MK200 microphoneUpgrade your movie skills with this second-generation microphone from Hahnel. With dual shockmounts to minimise vibrations and handling noise, plus adjustable dB level, this microphone will vastly improve the quality of your sound.
£ 82.99
(-21.69%) £ 64.99
In stock
Hahnel MK100 microphone (+ 2 x AAA batteries)Take the audio recording on your next video to broadcast quality with this Hahnel MK100 microphone. The uni-directional pick-up means there is minimal interference from sides and behind.