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Manfrotto Xume Lens Adapter

Manfrotto Xume Lens Adapter

(Code: K326-52)
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Part of the Manfrotto XUME system, attach a quick-release lens adapter to each of your lenses, plus a filter holder to your filters (available separately) and they’ll magnetically attach to your lens, meaning you can add or remove quickly mid-shoot.

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  1. It’s not very often we see an accessory and think, why has no-one thought of that before? That was our reaction when we were shown these quick release filter adapters.

    Stuck filters are frustrating at the best of times, especially when you want to remove one mid-shoot. These clever adapters solve that problem elegantly – via magnetic attraction for instant mounting and removal. What’s more, there’s nothing to align, no fiddly screwing together. They just snap together.

    The XUME system consists of two main components – the lens adapter (this item) and the filter holder (available separately). Attach them respectively onto your filter and lens and, thanks to the magnetic connection, they instantly mount together, avoiding the need for tedious screwing/unscrewing.

    Sheer brilliance, simplicity in its purest form, and we’re sure you’ll be as attached to this quick release system as your filter will be to your lens!

    You need to buy a lens adapter to fit your lens, then separate holders for each of your filters. Available in a range of thread sizes.

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