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LightCraft Workshop Fader ND

LightCraft Workshop Fader ND

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A high quality variable neutral density filter with an adjustable range from ND4 to ND400 (2 to 9 stops).
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  1. Why do I need one?

    A FaderND filter will enable you to reduce the amount of light entering your lens – allowing longer exposures or wider lens apertures to be used.

    Long exposures often simply aren’t possible during daylight – there is simply too much light entering the lens. Using a FaderND filter allows you to achieve longer exposures, blurring motion such as running water, passing clouds, or anything that moves!

    A popular application for a FaderND filter is allowing fast lenses to be used at their widest aperture, even in bright sunlight, and without overexposing the image. Being able to use such lenses at their widest aperture gives full control over depth of field – allowing backgrounds to be blurred if required.

    Another use for a FaderND filter is in macro photography, where mounting flashguns close to the subject can cause overexposure. Simply adjusting the FaderND will help you achieve the desired exposure.

    The most important aspect of the FaderND filter is the level of simplicity and flexibility it affords - and the level of creativity it allows!

    How does it work?

    The Light Craft Workshop FaderND filter is constructed from two sheets of opposing polarizing glass, with the outer sheet mounted in an independently rotating frame. The outer sheet of glass is of a larger diameter, with the overall frame having an innovative conical shape, so as to reduce the chances of vignetting.

    By rotating the outer sheet of glass, the amount of light passing through the filter can be varied, within the range from a fraction under ND4 (2 stop reduction) to just over ND400 (between 8.5 and 9 stop reduction).

    Are there any limitations to using this filter?

    A consequence of filtering light through two sheets of polarizing glass in this way is that when the filter is set to its maximum density, a dark cross will appear on your images. For this reason, we do not recommend using the filter at its maximum setting. The point at which this cross will appear is also directly related to the focal length being used. On wide angle lenses, especially when used on full-frame cameras, this cross will begin to appear at densities of less than 9 stops. The point at which the shadow begins to be observed depends on the exact camera & lens combination, but below is a guide (based on our own testing) of the recommended range of densities which should be sought at varying focal lengths. When used within these ranges, you should achieve even exposure across the image:

    12mm: 2 stop (ND4) – 3 stop (ND8) operating range.

    15mm: 2 stop (ND4) – 4 stop (ND16) operating range.

    18mm: 2 stop (ND4) – 5 stop (ND32) operating range.

    24mm: 2 stop (ND4) – 6 stop (ND64) operating range.

    35mm: 2 stop (ND4) – 7 stop (ND125) operating range.

    40mm: 2 stop (ND4) – 7.5 stop (ND175) operating range.

    50mm: 2 stop (ND4) – 8 stop (ND250) operating range

    70mm: 2 stop (ND4) – 8.5 stop (ND350) operating range.

    100mm: 2 stop (ND4) – 9 stop (ND500) operating range.

    The test results above are based on an APS-C camera. On a full frame camera, the operating range will be slightly smaller at any given focal length. For example, at 35mm on a full frame camera, the maximum density is likely to be something in the region of 5 stops.

    If your intended use for the Fader ND filter is wide angle photography at high densities, then it is probably not for you. For this application, we would recommend using a fixed density ND filter, such as the 9-stop Light Craft Workshop ND500MC – the extra-slim frame makes it particularly well suited to wide angle photography.
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