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LCD screen protection

Protect the LCD screen on your EOS camera from scratches and knocks
£ 5.95
In stock
EasyCover Screen Protector
EasyCover screen protectors adhere instantly to your screen and can be easily removed without leaving any sticky residue behind on your EOS camera.
£ 19.95
In stock
GGS Removeable LCD ProtectorRemove the camera’s eyecup and slip the accessory in place. The screen protector is held firmly in position without any adhesive. It is easy to remove.
£ 12.95
In stock
Pro viewfinder loupe - additional screen protectorThe loupe provides a clear, magnified view of your EOS LCD screen, essential when shooting movies in daylight conditions.
If you use two cameras for movie work, buy a second screen protector and use the one loupe for both. Once you remove the protector from your camera it cannot be reapplied.
£ 17.95
In stock
Larmor glass screen protectorSelf-adhesive glass LCD screen protection. Larmor LCD protectors provide superior shock absorbency and scratch protection for your camera’s LCD. Larmor protectors adhere to the LCD via electrostatic adsorption.