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How to Shoot Sport and Action Pocketbook

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Capturing good images of sports and action with your Canon camera can be challenging. Without the right settings and approach it can be impossible to get any successful results.
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  1. Capturing good images of sports and action with your Canon camera can be challenging. Without the right settings and approach it can be impossible to get any successful results.

    Increase your success rate and infinitely improve your action images with this concise field guide by experienced Canon tutor Nina Bailey. It’s designed to be small enough to keep with your wherever your photography takes you, and contains all of the key ingredients you need to make a success of your shoot, whether you’re capturing sports or wildlife, aircraft or trains, the kids or grandkids, or anything else that moves.

    In this pocket-sized guide, you’ll get all the information you need to set up your camera, think about the effect you’re trying to create, then how to bring it all together to capture the shot.

    You’ll get a guide to the shutter speeds needed for different types of subject, how to freeze the action as well as pan with your subject, and how to use ISO as your key control to make your other settings possible.

    Focusing set-up is key for action photography – you’ll get information on how the focusing works, what settings to use and, where there are additional focusing customisations on your camera (on enthusiast models such as the EOS 800D and 80D, plus advanced models like the 7D- and 5D-series), you’ll be given guidance as to how to adapt the settings depending on your subject.

    Included in the book are Exposure value tables for different light levels, so that you can see what’s achievable depending on the conditions.

    Plus all of the key Canon camera settings and features are explained, with recommended settings, so that you can get your sport and action images right in-camera, saving you time in post-processing.

    56 pages long, supplied with a clear plastic pocket to keep it neat when out in the field.

    – Which shooting modes are best for action
    – Exposure settings
    – Drive mode selection for action and sport
    – Suitable shutter speeds for different subject types
    – Focusing set-up and customisation, including Case settings
    – Panning with and freezing your subject
    – Key camera overrides – metering, exposure compensation
    – EV charts
    – Tips for DSLR and for mirrorless users
    – Useful camera features
    – Custom Controls – set-up and best practice
    – Creating a Custom mode for action, including suggested recipes
    – Framing and composition quick tips
    – Sorting through images quickly after the shoot

Customer reviews
Shopping Satisfaction
Very informative.
Kevin david d.
Shopping Satisfaction
Very useful book.
Ann P.
Shopping Satisfaction
Just about what I thought it would be and OK. However I think for what it is its way overpriced especially when you have to ..add postage. the content is good, just overpriced.
Barry K.
Shopping Satisfaction
Very very practical, useful and ... pocket-sized.
Moreno F.
Shopping Satisfaction
Excellent booklet to assist an elderly beginner.
Paul N.
Shopping Satisfaction
I love eos magazine.
David Brown.
Shopping Satisfaction
Got there in the end ,very good.
Kim S.
Shopping Satisfaction
Very handy pocket book dedicated to setting up Canon digital SLR for action shots.
Ron R.
Shopping Satisfaction
Grammar has improved , less confusing, otherwise a concise guide, and a stepup from the camera handbook. Some of the material is a repeat htough of the Handbook, but there is certainly useful suggestions and explanations.
John b.
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