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How to Shoot Low Light Photography Pocketbook

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The drama conveyed through low light images is undeniable. As the light levels drop, the quality of the light – as far as our photography is concerned – increases.
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  1. The drama conveyed through low light images is undeniable. As the light levels drop, the quality of the light – as far as our photography is concerned – increases. Sunsets, dusk and the blue hour are all typical times for intensely rich low light images. Yet they’re notoriously difficult to capture correctly, as your camera needs an entirely different set-up to daytime photography.

    Have this handy pocket-sized guide in your camera bag to take you step-by-step through the settings and accessories to use to transition seamlessly to low light shooting. You’ll have clear information at your fingertips on how to choose your exposure settings, when to shoot handheld or with a tripod, how to use the Live View options to check your settings and composition, as well as which camera overrides to deploy to improve your results in-camera.

    Because the Pocketbook series are so compact and concise, there’s no excuse for not taking it with you wherever your photography takes you, meaning you’ll have relevant information that you can deploy instantly whenever you’re shooting in low light levels.

    How to Shoot Low Light Photography Pocketbook is relevant to all types of Canon EOS cameras, and you’ll have specific advice for using your DSLR or mirrorless camera to best effect.

    As well as the basic settings – plus a few recipes to get you started with different techniques – you’ll get advice on more advanced overrides and features to elevate your images to the next level.

    Included in the book are Exposure value tables for different light levels, so that you can see what’s achievable depending on the conditions.

    Plus all of the key Canon camera settings and features are explained, with recommended settings, so that you can get your low light images right in-camera, saving you time in post-processing.

    56 pages long, supplied with a clear plastic pocket to keep it neat when out in the field.

    – Best shooting modes for low light photography
    – Exposure settings
    – Suitable shutter speeds for different subject types
    – Focusing set-up
    – Key camera overrides – metering, exposure compensation
    – Exposure charts
    – Tips for DSLR and for mirrorless users
    – Useful camera features
    – Reducing noise
    – Creating a Custom mode, with suggested recipes
    – Framing and composition tips

Customer reviews
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Really handy reference books which are well written.
Philip A.
Shopping Satisfaction
The ook gives a lot of useful tips.
Adrian O.
Shopping Satisfaction
Peter J.
Shopping Satisfaction
Handy help to keep in the camera bag when going on a night shoot.
Darrel E.
Shopping Satisfaction
A great follow-up to the course I attended previously. Useful to carry in my kit bag.
Alan F.
Shopping Satisfaction
In photography there is lots to think about and this useful and informative book is a great help.
Barrie P.
Shopping Satisfaction
Nina Bailey always does a great job with her tutorials.
Edward R. Meyer.
Shopping Satisfaction
Everything as expected! Thank you for the great work.
Wilhelm Heinzl.
Wilhelm H.
Shopping Satisfaction
Excellent book full of information on setting up your camera for what can be quite a difficult genre.
Paula W.
Shopping Satisfaction
Just what my husband hoped it would be.
Anne S.
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