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How to Shoot Black-and-White Pocketbook

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This How to Shoot Pocketbook is your concise field guide to choosing the right camera settings for black-and-white photography with your Canon EOS camera. Small enough to take with you wherever your photography takes you, and with all of the essential information you need to shoot in monochrome successfully.
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  1. When you enjoy photography as a hobby, you tend to shoot a far more varied subject range than someone for whom photography is their profession. So remembering the right settings to use for some of the more challenging areas of photography can be difficult.

    With this little book in your back pocket, there’s no need to try and remember or experiment. Instead, you’ll be able to set up your camera, start shooting and capture stunning black-and-white images. This is a hands-on, practical step-by-step guide to seeing and capturing the world in black-and-white.

    Shooting black-and-white requires a different way of thinking to colour photography. In many cases, it also suits entirely different subjects. Being able to see the world in terms of tones, contrast, as weill as identify what will and won't make an image work when it's just in shades of grey is incredibly challenging. With this small pocket-sized guide, you will have all of the tips, terms and how-to at your disposal. It's like having a photography tutor in your pocket.

    Monochrome images can tell a whole different story, and this concise guide will explain how to see your surroundings in terms of tone and contrast, how to control them in-camera and how to make the most of your camera settings to save time in post-production.

    Topics include:
    – Tonal range
    – Metering
    – Contrast
    – Key overrides on your Canon EOS camera
    – Using Live View
    – Photographic elements: line, shape, texture and form
    – Monochrome Picture Style
    – Filters, toning and contrast settings
    – Image type: RAW or JPEG?
    – Digital Photo Professional for RAW editing
    – Framing and seeing opportunities
    – Plus subject-based advice, including portraits, cityscapes and natural details.

    Written specifically for Canon EOS camera owners, but also contains relevant information for all keen photographers.

    52 pages long. Supplied with plastic sleeve so you can keep it clean and flat, regardless of where your photography takes you.

Customer reviews
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This is a little Gem, maybe pocket/camera bag size by design. Is full of tips and reminders when shooting in monochrome.
I would recommend this book to amateurs and semi pro photographers without hesitation.
John M.
Shopping Satisfaction
The book is very informative and to the point and easy to read & understand.
M J W.
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