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Hahnel Tuff TTL

Hahnel Tuff TTL

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A reliable and robust flash trigger from Hahnel, the Tuff TTL allows you maximum freedom with your flash system. Using radio signal it will trigger your flash up to 200 metres away.
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  1. Canon’s latest flash, the Speedlite 600EX-RT, is the first to offer wireless control using a radio signal. Earlier Speedlites with a wireless option use optical signals. The problem with optical signals is that they need line-of-sight between units and the working range is limited (about 15 metres max. for the Speedlite 580EX II).

    The Hahnel Tuff TTL flash trigger works with a radio signal and has a working range of 200 metres, or more. There are two parts to the trigger. The transmitter fits to the hotshoe of your camera. The receiver provides a hotshoe for the base of the Speedlite. The system provides full TTL flash metering with all EX-series Speedlites.

    Digital Channel Matching eliminates the risk of interference from other wireless products. A single control button offers normal TTL mode, high-speed sync (to a maximum of 1/8000 second) and second-curtain synchronisation. This is handy to be able to control from the Tuff, rather than having to go to the flashgun to change the relevant settings.

    The transmitter and receiver are each powered by two AA batteries and last up to 120 hours. There is also a mini USB socket, to allow software upgrades or additional external power.

    The housing of both units is reinforced for maximum strength. Each unit also features a removeable silicone case to protect from use or accidental impact.

    For multiple flash photography, additional receivers are available separately.

    Further details:

    – Easy-to-use controls

    – Removeable heavy duty protective cover on both units

    – Transmitter fitted with one simple 'M' menu button to switch between modes

    – Large 'Test' button to test the flash on both units
    We looked at the Hahnel Tuff TTL in the January-March 2013 issue:

    The Hahnel Tuff TTL is a wireless TTL flash trigger that operates with radio signals. The transmitter is attached to the camera hotshoe. The receiver is attached to the foot of the Speedlite. When you press the camera shutter button, radio signals are sent from the transmitter to the receiver. The result is an off-camera flash with the same features and ease of use as if the Speedlite were attached to the camera. On-camera flash-related features, such as flash exposure compensation (FEC) and flash exposure lock (FEL) continue to work, letting you adjust the operation of the remote flash from the camera. 
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