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Essential Guide to Portrait & Family Photography DVD

Essential Guide to Portrait & Family Photography DVD

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Improve your approach and technical skills in portrait photography with this Essential Guide DVD. This DVD is specific to the EOS system and contains a great deal of information on Speedlites, lenses and set-ups with your EOS camera.

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Taking images of friends and family is something that we all like to do, yet it can be a challenging area of photography, especially if photographing children. You need to be able to set up the camera quickly and efficiently for the lighting conditions that you are shooting in. Lens selection, fill-in flash and post-processing are all covered in this DVD. As with other titles in the series, this DVD is relevant to all EOS digital cameras.

What you will learn from this DVD:
  • Approaches to portrait and family photography
  • What shooting formal portraits involves
  • Why casual portraits are a better option for many family photographs
  • How to overcome the challenges of shooting candid portraits
  • Equipment selection for portrait and family photography
  • Flash options for portrait and family photography
  • Why lens choice is so crucial to portrait photography
  • How to cope with different light levels when shooting portraits
  • How lenses can simplify and control your backgrounds in portrait images
  • How to decide the right way to take the image
  • What the best times are to shoot
  • How to get the right exposure for the images you take
  • Using the white balance settings with portraits and family images
  • Understanding how much light you need to shoot
  • Understanding when flash will add to the image
  • Understanding the ways that flash can be used within portrait images
  • How to produce fill in flash
  • Getting the best results when you have to rely on flash
  • How to use balanced flash to overcome strong backlighting
  • Using the camera exposure modes with flash
  • What settings to use when shooting with flash
  • Using the flash overrides for portraits and family images
  • Using diffusers with flash to soften the light
  • How to prevent dark backgrounds with flash images
  • What post-production is useful for with portrait and family images
Approx. running time: 3 hours 15 minutes
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