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Essential Guide to Close Up & Macro DVD

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Essential Guide to Close Up & Macro DVDClose-up and macro are often the hardest areas of photography to master. This DVD gets up close and personal with the subject matter. Learn why there are different techniques for the two areas and develop your understanding of flash and relevant equipment to get the best results. As with other titles in the series, this DVD is relevant to all EOS digital cameras.

It also looks at what equipment is available and techniques for better framing and composition.

What you will learn with this DVD:
  • Approaches to close up and macro photography
  • Equipment selection for close up photography
  • Equipment selection for macro photography
  • Equipment selection for micro photography
  • How the magnifications we shoot at affect the image we take
  • What close up filters do
  • What extension tubes do
  • Analysing close up and macro images
  • Understanding when you can take a successful close up and macro image
  • What the best times are to shoot close up and macro images
  • How to get the right exposure for the images you take
  • Understanding how much light you need to shoot
  • Framing the image to get the best depth-of-field
  • Choosing the right backgrounds
  • Using the right settings at the right time to get the effect your require
  • Understanding depth-of-field for close up and macro images
  • Why flash is sometimes necessary
  • How to use flash for macro images
  • Understanding the flash options for macro photography
  • What settings to use when shooting with flash
  • Using flash off-camera for the best results
  • Using multiple flash for macro photography
  • When post-production can help with close up and macro images
Approx. running time: 2 hours 24 minutes
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