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EOS magazine January-March 2011 back issue

EOS magazine January-March 2011 back issue

EOS magazine
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Add this issue to your photographic library for techniques on white balance settings, Canon's new intelligent metering system, auto ISO, home portraits, printer profiles, managing your files using your EOS camera and Canon software.
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  1. In this issue...

    Regulars & features

    Point-of-view Andrew Gibson writes about equipment versus creativity.


    Colour control The basics of colour temperature and white balance are easy to understand. Switch your camera away from AWB and take control of the way that your camera records light and colour.

    Inside EOS A guide to the workings of your digital EOS camera, from the shutter button to the image appearing on your LCD screen.

    Seeing red Canon is using a new metering sensor in its cameras. Intelligent focus, colour and luminance (iFCL) metering is designed to give more accurate and more consistent exposures.

    Home portraits If you would like to improve your portrait photography, there is no better way than setting up a studio at home. You only need a small space to turn out results that would not shame a professional.

    Triple action Autoexposure bracketing is a great tool if you use slide film. But what is it doing on digital cameras? Andrew Gibson takes a look and comes up with two unexpected uses.

    Speed change Traditionally, photographers altered exposure by changing the aperture or shutter speed. With digital photography there's a third way. We explain how to unlock the potential of Auto ISO.

    Painted light Lighting landscapes at night.

    Colour depth CMOS sensors are not just a replacement for film understanding the differences helps you decide which file formats to use. Andrew Gibson explores the world of bit depth.

    Eyes right Does the image in your EOS viewfinder seem less sharp that it used to be? Your eyesight might be changing. Fortunately, Canon has a simple solution to solve the problem.

    How was it shot? The trick of forced perspective cleverly taken one step further with a bit of imagination.

    Printer profiles "Why don't my prints look like the image I see on screen?" The answer is simple your colour management is not set correctly. Vince Cater explains what you need to do.

    Building blocks A JPEG file taken with an EOS camera is saved at a resolution of 72 pixels per inch (ppi). Some other camera brands save JPEGs at 300ppi. Does this mean Canon files are inferior?

    File manager
    Digital photos take up storage space and can soon get out of hand if you are not very organised. EOS Utility software and your camera both have features to help you. We show you how.
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