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EOS magazine January-March 2010 back issue

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EOS magazine January-March 2010 back issueIn this issue...

Regulars & features

  • New products EOS-1D Mark IV; Wireless File Transmitters WFT-E4 II and WFT-E2 II.
  • Professional showcase Travel photographer David duChemin is not afraid to get personally involved if it helps him tell a more compelling story.

  • Portrait modes Portraiture can be an intimidating subject for anyone who hasnít tried it before. But it is a surprisingly easy discipline, and with a little bit of effort you can achieve good results right away.
  • Quick control A small feature on some of the latest EOS cameras makes it easier for you to be in full control of many of the important features and functions.
  • Tilt-and-shift Canonís two latest tilt-and-shift lenses are aimed at professional landscape and architecture photographers. But what is tilt-and-shift and why is it so useful?
  • Sensor size There is a lot of confusion about megapixels and sensor size, and the impact each has on image quality. Andrew Gibson clarifies the advantages of full-frame and cropped sensors.
  • Moonlit escape Photography by moonlight is all slightly weird Ė both the actual capture, which involves roaming the countryside at night, and the images themselves. David Clapp introduces this new world.
  • Solutions Disk Donít discard the EOS Solutions disk which comes with every EOS camera. Itís packed with software which, if you bought commercial equivalents, could cost more than the camera!
  • How was it shot? Exploring the technique behind the image. Photographing indoor dancing tournaments requires both technical know-how and a little bit of luck. Rainer and Simone Hoffmann use various techniques to achieve different effects.
  • Slide copying Do you have a large legacy of 35mm transparencies which never see the light of day? We look at two different ways you can convert these images to digital files for viewing and printing.
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