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EOS magazine January-March 2009 back issue

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EOS magazine January-March 2009 back issueIn this issue...

Regulars & features

  • Professional showcase Adrian Myers thrives on photographing every type of fast-moving action. 

  • Focusing facts We tend to take autofocusing for granted, but there are times when it needs a little help to give the results you want. We supply a selection of hints, tips and techniques for improved results.
  • Off camera flash A simple accessory is all that it takes to expand greatly the capabilities of the Canon Speedlite system. You will soon be taking pictures with illumination which appears more natural.
  • Zoom views Can one lens with a long zoom range effectively replace a couple of shorter zoom range lenses covering the same range? We brought together three recent Canon lenses to find the answer.
  • How was it shot? If you find you are faced with a straightforward subject in uninspiring surroundings, try an abstract approach. Chris Windsor uses zoom burst and spin techniques to satisfying effect. 
  • Dynamic Images Even EOS cameras struggle to give correct exposure to dark and light areas in the same scene. Gavin Gough shows how the High Dynamic Range (HDR) technique overcomes the problem.
  • Digic processors With more and more pixels packed into sensors, image processors have to run faster and faster just to keep up. It’s just one example of the ‘Red Queen effect’, explains Robert Scott.
  • First step to DPP To exploit the full potential of a digital image, you should use RAW file format rather than JPEG. Andrew Gibson guides you through the basics of Canon’s DPP RAW conversion software. 
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