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EOS magazine January-March 2007 back issue

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EOS magazine January-March 2007 back issueIn this issue...

Regulars & features
  • Professional showcase A background in engineering laid the foundation for Timothy Soar’s career in architectural photography. He talks to Angela August about his obsession with straight lines.
  • Interview Dave Noguchi, senior business co-ordination manager at Canon UK, and his colleague Vic Solomon, product intelligence consultant, discuss the new EOS 400D and future technological developments in the Canon product line-up.

  • Cold snaps You trek on a snowy, icy surface for hours, but cannot breathe on your camera. Wearing three layers of gloves and mittens, you can’t feel the camera controls. And when two explorers tell you that you have to be able to shoot, they’re not talking about using a camera. David Glen Walker lives to tell this Artic tale. 
  • Program shift Not ready to leave the relative safety of Program mode, but want more creative control? Program shift is the answer. It is easy to use, and will encourage you to think about the picture you want. 
  • 400D exposed We take an in-depth look at some of the new features of the EOS 400D, Canon’s latest innovative digital camera. 
  • Back flash Flash on camera can work very well, but it’s easy to be more creative with your Speedlite position. Backlighting might well be the answer. 
  • More or less? Does your camera sometimes give the wrong exposure? A touch of exposure compensation is all you need for better results. But when should you use it – and how much do you need? 
  • Portrait style Do you struggle with pictures of people? Your EOS camera has lots of features to help you take better portraits. We look at a few ways you can improve your images. 
  • Stop down Most accessories for EOS cameras are fully compatible, but there are times when a non-dedicated item might be just what you need. If so, you’ll need to know about stop-down metering. 
  • Firmware Does the thought of updating the firmware in your EOS camera scare you? It really shouldn’t. The procedure is quite simple.
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