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EOS Autofocus Reverse Lens Adapter

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EOS Autofocus Reverse Lens Adapter
  • EOS Autofocus Reverse Lens Adapter
  • EOS Autofocus Reverse Lens Adapter
The EOS Autofocus Reverse Lens Adapter allows you to reverse mount one of your existing EF or EF-S lenses onto your Canon EOS camera body for macro photography whilst still maintaining all of the control functions.

Unlike conventional reversing rings which simply offer a mounting point between a reversed lens and camera, Autofocus reversing rings retain the electrical connection between the camera and lens so you can enjoy full and convenient control of your lens even though itís mounted back-to-front.

One ring attaches to the camera mount and then you mount the front of the lens (via the filter mount) to the other side of this ring. The second ring attaches to the lens mount (where the electrical connection pins are located). As the rings space the lens a bit further from the camera than a standard reversing ring, you also gain some extra magnification.

The adapter transmits all of the information and data from the lens to the camera body, including autofocus. The connecting ring in this kit is made of aluminium and the maximum cord length between the two rings is 70cm. 

Please note that autofocus may not be available depending on the amount of light entering the camera at the time.

Kit includes:
- EOS autofocus reverse lens adapter
- 58mm stepping ring
- 67mm stepping ring
- 72mm stepping ring
- 77mm stepping ring
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