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Diffusers & reflectors

Change and improve the quality of your light from your flashgun or pop-up flash with a diffuser or reflector
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Ezybox Speed-lite Kit Mk IITweaked and refined, mark II of the popular and ever-ready EzyBox Speedlite fits directly to your Speedlite and delivers exceptional softness for your flash images.
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Westcott Basics 2-in-1 reflectorVoted best in test in a recent magazine review, these compact reflectors, available in five different combinations, will reflect light or fill shadows to enhance your EOS shots.

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Hama 'Uni' Flash diffuserSoften the light from your flashgun with this universal flash diffuser. It distributes and spreads the light more evenly on and around your subject, meaning that there are less harsh shadows.
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Kaiser Softcap Flash DiffuserSlide this translucent diffuser onto the end of your Speedlite for well-balanced illumination. Helps to soften harsh shadows and reduce unwanted reflections.
(-25.00%)  59.99
EzyBox Hotshoe 38x38cm

The Lastolite EzyBox Hotshoe converts your battery operated flash gun from a harsh directional light into a much softer diffused light. It folds flat for easy storage and can be assembled in a matter of minutes.

(-21.65%)  28.95
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Matin 5-in-1 Collapsible ReflectorA highly portable and versatile lighting accessory which can soften, bounce, lift or dull your light to suit your photographic needs both indoors and out.
(-18.89%)  72.99
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EzyBox Speed-lite kit (mk 1)An ultra-portable solution for softening light from your flashgun. This complete kit includes the Lastolite EzyBox Speedlite (mk I), a foam handle with spigot and removable coldshoe, plus a coiled one metre off-shoe camera cord.