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Delta Wipes

Delta Wipes

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Lint-free optical cleaning wipes for effective lens cleaning. Supplied as a pack of 100.
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  1. Delta Optical Cleaning Wipes are super soft, lint-free, strong and non-abrasive. Not your standard disposable lens tissue, these thick premium wipes are designed forcleaning optics and photographic emulsion and other glass surfaces such as scanners, tablet and phone screens and more. Each cloth measures 4 x 4 inches (10 x 10cm).

    Supplied as a pack of a 100.

    For best use when cleaning optics, combine with Gamma optical cleaning fluid. Apply a couple of drops onto a Delta wipe, then start in the centre of the area that you want to clean with one fluid circular motion. Work fromthe centre out, lightly wiping the surface. Once you reach the outer edge of the area you are trying to clean, lift the wipe off the surface while still in motion. Do not pause or stop while wiping;if the pad is touching the surface it should be in motion.

    Delta wipes are not suitable for sensor cleaning.
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