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Cords & triggers

Extend the versatility of light from your flashgun by moving it off camera and firing it remotely with our range of shoe cords and triggers.
£ 64.99
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Captur remoteThe Hahnel Captur modular remote system is designed to build as your photography grows. Building from the base unit ‚Captur ‚ you can then extend your photographic repertoire with add-on components.
£ 31.99
(-20.01%) £ 25.59
In stock
Metz TTL Cable Canon TCC-10The Metz TTL TCC-10 flash shoe cord is ideal for off-camera flash photography and is specifically for use with Canon Speedlites. It features a dedicated hotshoe connection so you retain full TTL operation whilst the flashgun is positioned off-camera.
£ 239.99
Available in 7 days
Speedlite Transmitter ST-E3-RTControl up to 15 compatible Speedlites over distances of up to 30m with this Speedlite transmitter ST-E3-RT.
£ 179.99
Available in 7 days
Speedlite Transmitter ST-E2  Small, lightweight and portable, the ST-E2 is an on-camera infra-red transmitter capable of controlling up to two slave groups of remote wireless slave Speedlites.
£ 18.99
(-15.80%) £ 15.99
In stock
Kaiser hot-shoe adapter with 3.5mm jackMany photographers use their flashguns with a RC remote release these days, but not all flashguns have a standard PC socket into which to plug the receiver cable. This handy hot-shoe adapter solves this problem.
£ 58.99
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Additional receiver for Tuff TTL Your Tuff TTL trigger can work with multiple flashguns with the addition of this separate, long-range receiver.
£ 99.99
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Hahnel Tuff TTLA reliable and robust flash trigger from Hahnel, the Tuff TTL allows you maximum freedom with your flash system. Using radio signal it will trigger your flash up to 200 metres away.
£ 35.99
In stock
Lastolite off camera flash cordSometimes you need to move your Canon Speedlite further away from the camera whilst still remaining full flash dedication. This straight cable comes in two different lengths – three metres and ten metres for maximum flexibility.
£ 149.99
In stock
Viper flash triggerDesigned specifically for use with the Canon EOS system, this versatile wireless flash trigger can control up to three groups of flash guns or studio lights, each group comprising one or more flash guns.
£ 59.99
In stock
Viper additional receiverAdditional receiver for Canon Speedlite, useful for multiple flash gun set-up with Hahnel Viper.
£ 7.99
In stock
Studio light cableEnables you to attach the Hahnel Viper or Tuff flash triggers to a studio light.
£ 58.25
Out of stock
Available in 7 days
Off Camera Shoe Cord OC-E3An all-in-one solution for adding distance between Canon cameras and Canon Speedlite flash guns whilst retaining full TTL functionality. One end attaches to the camera hot-shoe and the other to a bracket or tripod up to 0.6m away.