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Colour filter kit 40

Colour filter kit 40

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This colour filter kit, exclusive to EOS magazine, contains two sets of twenty Rosco colour filters and two gel clips for attaching them to your Canon Speedlite. Strong and pastel colours are included to cater for different moods, atmospheres and subjects.
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  1. These kits contain a selection of colour filters from the Roscolux range. Colours have been chosen to provide you with a wide palette for your creative needs. Strong and pastel colours are included to cater for different moods, atmospheres and subjects. You can use two or more filters together to create additional colours. The filters are approx. 85 x 50mm - a perfect size for the Gel Clip

    The Gel Clip, provided with each kit, attaches to your Canon Speedlite using a Velcro strap (supplied). The filter gels slide into a slot at the front where they are held securely by the spring action of the clip. Nothing is stuck to the Speedlite, keeping it in perfect condition.
    Available in Flash filter kit 20 for a single Speedlite or Flash filter kit 40 for two Speedlites. The Flash filter kit 20 includes 20 different coloured gels plus one Gel Clip, while the Flash filter kit 40 includes 40 coloured gels (two sets of 20) plus two Gel Clips.

    For more information see the ‘Flash with filters’ article in EOS magazine July-September 2011, pages 40 to 47.

    Filter colours (20 shades in each kit):
    Pale Gold - Warmer straw. Flattering to skin tones.

    Daffodil - A soft medium yellow. Can be used for creating naturalistic effects such as early morning sunlight or for special effects.

    Storaro Yellow - Deep yellow with amber tones. Strong, late day sunlight. Flattering on skin

    Flame - Warm pinkish amber. Afternoon sunset, good sidelight.

    Storaro Orange - Flattering firelight.

    Henna Sky - Toasted red-amber colour. Useful in re-creating setting sun or asa dramatic cyc.

    Light Red - Vibrant red. Good alternative primary.

    Flesh Pink - Useful for musicals. Creates a happy atmosphere.

    Pale Rose Pink - Blue pink, use in general washes and toning.

    Skelton ExoticSangria - A sultry, deep purple. Good for musicals or concert lighting. Excellent special effects colour.

    Middle Rose - Musical pink. Lush accents. Very versatile colour.

    Surprise Pink - Touch of colour when white light is not desirable.

    Storaro Violet - Deep reddish purple. Nice as saturated special accent.

    Clearwater - The slightest blue tint. Excellent for eliminating amber shift when lights are running low on dimmer. Good for cool area light.

    Blue Bell - A clean light red blue. Creates naturalistic daylight fill colour. Good cool area light.

    Cerulean Blue - A crisp, clean blue green. Useful as a water effect or as a sidelight for dance.

    Storaro Azure - (Transmission = 9%)

    Medium Blue - Good for non-realistic night skies.

    Light Green - Sunny spring mornings.

    Storaro Green - Strong dominant green. 'Christmas tree' green.
  2. Compatible with Speedlites 380EX, 420EX, 430EX, 430EX II, 660EX, 580EX and 580EX II.

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