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Circular infrared filter

(Code: K115-52)
Filter Size : Circular Infrared filter 52mm
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Circular infrared filterIf you have stared mesmerised at the ghostly images in the 'Hand-coloured' article in the July-September 2013 issue or been captivated by David Clapp's 'infrared Masterclass' 12 months earlier, then this is an affordable way for you to start experimenting and being creative with infrared photography. This R70 circular infrared filter from UK-based SRB-Griturn only allows infrared rays above 720nm to pass through, offering  a unique perspective on the world.

First, check your EOS camera is infrared-sensitive by holding down a button on your TV remote and taking a photo of the end with the bulb. If you can see the infrared signal lamp in the photo you have captured infrared radiation with your camera and you are good to go.
Code Filter Size  Price   
K115-52  Circular Infrared filter 52mm  19.95 Details Buy now
K115-58  Circular Infrared filter 58mm  20.95 Details Buy now
K115-67  Circular Infrared filter 67mm  22.95 Details Buy now
K115-72  Circular Infrared filter 72mm  24.95 Details Buy now
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