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Canon Photography : Capture, Create by Nina Bailey (black-and-white reprint)

Canon Photography : Capture, Create by Nina Bailey (black-and-white reprint)

Nina Bailey
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Learn how to challenge your thinking about photographic subjects and how to see and capture more than just the obvious. This latest ebook from Nina Bailey is all about the creative and compositional elements of photography, which will enable you to fine-tune your creative eye.
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  1. Originally designed as an eBook, this guide is also available as a black-and-white spiral bound reprint in a choice of sizes.

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    How well do you realise your photographic vision? For some people, ’seeing’ the image comes naturally, but for others it’s not so easy. You know how to use your camera, you understand the basics of photography and yet… something’s missing. The pieces just don’t seem to fall into place, and you’re not getting the results you visualise in your mind’s eye.

    In the same way that you learnt about your camera, can you learn to see the image?

    Nina believes that everyone can indeed learn this skill. You just have to overcome your preconceptions to free your creative potential. And this third guide in the Canon Photography series will show you how.

    This guide is a little different to many of the books that Nina has written. It's not about the features, settings or customisations on your Canon EOS camera; it's about learning to see images and capture them as you intended. It's a book that's designed to expand your creativity, but also to make you think in a different way about the images you're capturing.

    You’ll learn how to challenge your thinking about the subject you’re capturing and that it's more than just the obvious.

    So this book is as much about the thought process in photography and some of the psychology that's behind it, as well as the rules of framing and composition. That’s not to say you’ll be bound by those, but by understanding and exploring the rules and theory – of topics such as colour and the photographic elements – you’ll be able to apply them to your photography in a way that expands your creativity and expression.

    Stop seeing only the shortcomings in what you capture, and start to embrace the positives of what you create. With Nina as your guide, you’ll grow in confidence with your compositional skills and learn how to elevate your images above the ordinary.

    397 pages long.

    Key topics

    • Preconceptions within photography
    • Understanding your subject
    • How we think about subjects
    • How we see images
    • Colour theory and the relationships between colours
    • Monochromatic imagery and what changes
    • Understanding lighting and the effect it has on your images
    • Shooting in different weather conditions
    • The impact of geography on light
    • Understanding lighting angles
    • Dynamic range and how it affects your images
    • Extending dynamic range with HDR and HDR PQ
    • Using lighting to create silhouettes
    • Creating room lighting
    • Understanding the photographic elements
    • How lines affect your images
    • The role of shape in composition
    • How to create texture and capture form
    • How your viewpoints affect your images
    • Understanding the classic rules of composition
    • How to use lenses creatively
    • Adding interest with motion
    • How to create panoramic images
    • The creative process after capture
    • Quick, effective adjustments in post-processing
    • Filters and the role they play
    • Learning the creative thought process

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