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Black and White

The Art of Black and White PhotographyA comprehensive guide to the medium of monochrome. More than 190 superb photographs, with precise details of how they were taken and printed. Practical advice on exposure and lighting, films and formats, composition and darkroom techniques for black...
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Creative Black & White PhotographyIn Creative Black & White Photography, Les McLean takes the reader step by step through the thought processes and technical procedures involved in producing a high-quality image.
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Successful Black & White PhotographyBlack-and-white film offers the photographer the chance you achieve truly memorable images. Successful Black & White Photography provides you with access to all the skills and information needed to create striking and original monochrome prints of your own.
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How to use the Zone System for Fine B&W PhotographyThis book clearly explains each step of the Zone System - from composing the scene in the camera to printing the negative. It describes basic film and development tests that help you control your results. It demystifies technique by giving simple methods that work with any film format for great b&w prints!