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Beginner's Guide to Canon Digital Photo Professional 4 by Nina Bailey (reprint)

Beginner's Guide to Canon Digital Photo Professional 4 by Nina Bailey (reprint)

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Nina Bailey
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Canon's own RAW conversion software program – Digital Photo Professional (DPP) – is a very capable editing tool for your images. Learning your way round new software is often a steep learning curve. Nina's popular guide to version 4 of DPP will take you through, step by step, and show you how to get the most out of the tools available.
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  1. Originally designed as an eBook, this guide is now available as a black-and-white reprint.
    Finish: A5 spiral bound book
    (also available in A4)

    Your EOS camera comes with the option to shoot different files types – RAW and JPEG. RAW files have to be processed and Canon provides a powerful software tool in the box with your EOS camera to do this: Digital Photo Professional (DPP). Don’t overlook this bit of kit just because it’s free – it’s a comprehensive software package which gives you a great deal of both freedom and control over your finished images.

    Getting to grips with new software is often a steep learning curve however. So, if you’re considering making the move to shooting RAW files on your Canon EOS camera, then here’s a new eBook from Nina Bailey to hold your hand along the way and get you up to speed quickly with DPP and to help you understand RAW workflow.

    The Beginner’s Guide to DPP and RAW workflow assumes little or no knowledge of RAW processing and is an in-depth guide to navigating round the program and using it to best effect to process and correct your RAW files. Written specifically for version 4 of DPP, this eBook is a clear, user-friendly guide to the software, its features and benefits.

    The advantage of using Canon’s own software to process your RAW images is that DPP will take many of the corrections that have been applied in-camera and apply them to the RAW files as they open, minimising the amount of manual correction that needs to be done to each image. Yet at the same time all of the in-camera corrections can be changed if you feel that the settings are not right for the image.

    Version 4 of DPP has been completely rewritten, making the move from version 3 a challenge. Once you're familiar with the new version, your EOS workflow will be streamlined and the time needed to process your images will be reduced.

    This fifth edition of Nina's popular guide has been written to include DPP version 4.12 and the new HDR PQ feature, plus other recently introduced features including the Depth Compositing tool, Selective area adjustment tool and new-look image filter options.

    In addition to exploring the program itself, Nina also explains the differences between RAW and JPEG formats, RAW file workflow and filing and backing up your images. You’ll also learn about what DPP can – and cannot – process in terms of corrections and how to use the tools both creatively and successfully for your images.

    Lastly, a new Reference section has been added, with useful information for understanding the development of digital photography over the years, why certain functions, settings and tools exist, and how these have evolved over the years.

    • Understanding the RAW and JPEG file formats
    • Understanding the RAW workflow process
    • Filing and backing up RAW images
    • Navigation of DPP and the menus
    • Linking RAW and JPEG files
    • Sorting images using the Quick Check tool
    • Why we perform adjustments
    • Understanding the tool palettes
    • Basic adjustments for images
    • Basic saving of finished images
    • Understanding what the corrections achieve
    • Using the options to correct images
    • Using the corrections to be creative with your images
    • Understanding sharpening and why its needed
    • Batch processing images
    • Using recipes to bulk correct images
    • How to straighten RAW images
    • How to remove dust spots and unwanted parts of an image
    • How to crop RAW images
    • Understanding the advanced corrections
    • Dual Pixel RAW processing
    • Depth Compositing – using the NEW focus stacking tool
    • Lens corrections within the software
    • Using the compositing tool
    • Using the HDR tool
    • Using the rename options
    • Printing from DPP

    368 pages long

  2. Revised June 2020, updated for DPP v4.12
Customer reviews
Shopping Satisfaction
Reprint size : A5 book
A very good guide. I knew it was only in black and white and i'm more than happy with the item. Also would've gladly paid more if it was in colour.
John T.
Shopping Satisfaction
Reprint size : A4 book
Great guide.
Robert C.
Shopping Satisfaction
Reprint size : A5 book
If and/or when I ever receive this manual I may update my review.

Shopping Satisfaction
Reprint size : A4 book
Lots to read and digest. Plenty of detail and great explanations of how to accomplish tasks.
Highly recommended.
Peter K.
Shopping Satisfaction
Reprint size : A5 book
I have the PDF version which has the colour photos.
Brian D.
Shopping Satisfaction
Reprint size : A5 book
Brian W.
Shopping Satisfaction
Reprint size : A5 book
As with all Nina Bailey books well written and easy to understand. Would have been nice in colour but for the price can’t grumble.
John c.
Shopping Satisfaction
Reprint size : A5 book
As always an interesting read from Nina Received item with in one day.
One small negative a pity illustrations are all B/W and not in color even it would cost a bit more.
John W.
Shopping Satisfaction
Reprint size : A5 book
Well written and easily understood.
James J.
Shopping Satisfaction
Reprint size : A4 book
Printed version Not fit for purpose
Arrived very quickly. Conveniently ring-bound so easy to navigate pages, type nice and crisp, big let down is the images, one is meant to compare an image in more than one format, this is totally impossible as they are all in mono chrome, so totally useless for the purpose, were it any other subject than photography perhaps you could be forgiven.
Barry W.
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