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Art of Seeing DVD - Experience Seminars

Art of Seeing DVD - Experience Seminars

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Experience Seminars
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Seeing images the framing, composition and balance within an image comes to some people naturally. For EOS owners who struggle with the artistic side of their photography, this DVD is for you.
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  1. With this DVD you will learn about composition and how images are made up. It looks at the elements that make up images, lens usage, framing and composition. Light is an essential element to the mix, and you will understand which elements of a scene are dependent on good lighting for the best results.

    This is an ideal DVD for those who are comfortable using their camera, but want to take their photography to the next level.

    What you will learn with this DVD:

    . What makes images stunning
    . Evaluating all the components of an image
    . Understanding what is realistic to capture
    . How colour affects the images that we shoot
    . Using complimentary and accent colours within images
    . Using the white balance overrides to improve images
    . How shape is a key compositional tool
    . How shapes are defined within images
    . Why lines affect our images
    . Using texture within images and how to use light to portray texture
    . How to define form within images
    . How shooting in black and white changes our perception of an image
    . Creating and using movement effects within images
    . Seeing and creating abstract images
    . Understanding composition of images
    . Understanding the rule of thirds
    . Framing and aspect ratios and how they affect the images that we take
    . Understanding space within images
    . Lenses and their effect on perspective
    . Framing for lighting
    . Post production - the final small adjustments to your masterpiece

    Approx. running time: 2 hours
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Content okay,dvd quality, not so much.
Iain R.
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