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A selection of reduced books about your photography.
£ 4.99
Technique of Photographic LightingNorman Kerr's Technique of Photographic Lighting presents an entirely new approach to light and lighting as they relate to photography. (Secondhand)
£ 14.99
(-33.36%) £ 9.99
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Digital Nature and Landscape Photography by Mark LucockThis beautifully produced and illustrated reference guide to nature and landscape photography outlines simple techniques for ensuring that your nature images achieve both technical and creative excellence
£ 9.95
(-49.85%) £ 4.99
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Animal TalesThis is a book for everyone fascinated by animals and how they live. This colourful book is packed with superb photographs of wildlife plus cartoons and fascinating facts about each animal.
£ 7.99
Creative Techniques in Nature PhotographyThe book touches on the whole of the natural world - including micro-organisms - and discusses the availability, both from natural sources and from specialist suppliers, of subjects to be photographed.
£ 4.99
(1 available)
Field Photography, Beginning and Advanced TechniquesField Photography aims to help readers to produce professional-quality nature photographs. Author Alfred Blaker gives clear and proven advice on how to obtain publication-grade photographs under a wide variety of field conditions.
£ 3.99
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LeopardsThe three species described in this book - the leopard, snow leopard and clouded leopard - inhabit almost every environment, from mountain, forest and bamboo thicket to reed bed, desert and cultivated land. Illustrated with photographs taken by a specialist big-cat photographer, this is a fascinating introduction to this solitary, elusive and adaptable creature.
£ 8.95
(-11.17%) £ 7.95
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Blue Crane InBrief GuideThese handy EOS camera guides are a useful quick reference to your camera’s functions and features. Each InBrief guide is divided into eight or twelve colour-coded, laminated card panels that fold flat for easy storage.