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Canon remote shutter releases
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Bluetooth Remote controller BR-E1A simple, reliable wireless remote controller for firing your EOS camera, which deploys the near-range benefits of Bluetooth up to 5 metres away. Compatible with EOS 77D and 800D.
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Canon Timer Remote Controller TC-80N3  With much more than just timer functions the Canon Timer Remote Controller TC-80N3 can be used as an interval timer, a self timer, long exposure timer and a counter to set the number of images captured in a sequence.
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Canon Remote controller adapter RA-E3A short cable which allows Canon Timer Remote Controller TC-80N3 to be used with EOS cameras featuring the E3 socket.
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Speedlite Transmitter ST-E3-RTControl up to 15 compatible Speedlites over distances of up to 30m with this Speedlite transmitter ST-E3-RT.
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Speedlite Transmitter ST-E2  Small, lightweight and portable, the ST-E2 is an on-camera infra-red transmitter capable of controlling up to two slave groups of remote wireless slave Speedlites.
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Canon remote controller RC-6Fire your EOS camera from up to five metres away with this infrared remote controller from Canon (requires line of sight to front of camera). Compatible EOS cameras have the infrared receiver built-in as standard.
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Canon remote switch RS-80N3 Remote switch with an 80cm cord to prevent camera shake, ideal for telephoto shots, macro photography, and bulb exposures. The remote switch works just like a shutter button, enabling halfway or complete pressing.