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Other useful accessories for your photography
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Camera Key ChainFashioned in the shape of the EOS Rebel camera series, these little key rings are just so sweet! Available in seven different colours and guaranteed to add a little extra personality to your camera bag.
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Kaiser ProDisk ProDisk is a handy, all-in-one accessory that gives you control over white balance and colour management in your images.

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EasyBooksThe simple and stylish way to present and preserve your favourite prints, Easybooks are hard cover photo albums that do away with the fiddly glueing and placing of traditional photo albums.


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Reflecta x 9 Film ScannerThis standalone scanner digitises slides and negatives in one second. The scanned images can be viewed immediately either on the LCD display or on a connected TV or computer.
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Image-BlockItís an easy way to produce and present your images in a modern, contemporary and stylish manner. Displayed in a 3D format, this modern and minimalist look is easy to create in seconds.
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Spirit LevelSlips into the camera accessory shoe and lets you align the camera horizontally and vertically. It is invaluable for all landscape and architectural photography. Made by Hama.
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Hotshoe ProtectorThis simple accessory slips into the hot-shoe of your camera to keep the contacts clean. It has been designed especially for EOS cameras
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Pec PadsSoft, lint-free disposable cloths suitable for lens cleaning. 25 per pack.