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Lens cleaning

Keeping your camera equipment clean is important. Choose from lens cloths and other solutions to keep your optics clean and dust-free.
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Delta WipesLint-free optical cleaning wipes for effective lens cleaning. Supplied as a pack of 100.
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Matin Lens brushCompact and soft, this lipstick-style retractable lens brush will go unnoticed in your kit bag, but will be a welcome sight when you need to give your lens a quick dusting down.

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Creative cleaning cloths

These bright microfibre cloths each feature an eye-catching printed motif - great for when you need to quickly fish one out from an overfilled kit bag

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Lens cleaning penKeep your lenses and LCD screens free from smears and greasy marks with this handy pocketable cleaning tool.
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Microfibre Cleaning ClothA large microfibre cloth designed to clean all parts of your camera without scratching.

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Matin Magic ClothA large soft microfibre cloth with velcro tabs on each corner. Ideal for wrapping around your camera body or lens for an extra layer of protection. At EOS magazine we use these frequently when storing equipment and taking it out and about in a camera bag.
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Pec PadsSoft, lint-free disposable cloths suitable for lens cleaning. 25 per pack.
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Cleaning clothA gentle, lint-free microfibre cloth for cleaning all optical glass, including Canon lenses.