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Rain covers

Waterproof rain covers to keep your Canon EOS camera dry whatever the weather
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MindShift Ultralight Camera Cover This ultra lightweight bag offers simple, non-bulky protection for your EOS camera. Ideal for short trips, the Ultralight Camera Cover is more discreet and less cumbersome than a heavy duty camera bag, yet still provides the light padding and weatherproof coating needed to prevent scuffs, dust and dirt.
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Deluxe Video RaincoverAn insulated, water-resistant camera cover for shooting video in challenging conditions. Includes internal pockets for heat packs, an attachable extension for longer lenses and an attachable viewfinder loupe cover.
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Camera rain coverA fully waterproof cover made for all weathers which has an insulating layer that resists the cold to maximise battery life. Our bestselling rain cover.
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Lightweight rain cover A lightweight raincover perfect for unexpected showers. So light in fact that you'll be able to leave it in your camera bag wherever you go.
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Deluxe camera raincoverThis rain cover is designed specifically for DSLR cameras and will suit Canon EOS cameras with or without an attached battery grip. Fully accessible with two arm sleeves and a zip at the base for tripod mounting.
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Hama Rain Protection CoverThis rain cover fits all EOS cameras with a standard flash hotshoe or flash bracket.